Content Management Systems

Easily update your website, adding, editing and deleting content including images, text, animation, audio and video as well as new sections and navigation elements. Custom built to fit your business.

Database Website

content management solutionsThe website is designed like any other, with navigation buttons to different sections and pages, but the content is held in a database. There is a password protected administration area for editing the content like adding a new button to the homepage or adding a new product with new prices or updating a photograph.

Build from scratch or we can take your existing website and add a content management system to it.

All our content management systems are built with search optimisation in mind.
No coding required.

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Completed Content Management Systems

Most of the websites we build now come together with a content management system, these include,

newspaper cmsSwindon Link Magazine, our largest project to date includes user registration with multiple user levels, search, news categories, tags, banner advertising management, classified ads, a local directory and more.


photo-gallery-cmsPhoto Gallery Website, designed for photographers and anyone who wishes photographs or images (such as products) to be the focus of their website as opposed to text content.


business cmsThis small business Cms for StovestoYou, was designed to generate leads from users seeking stove installation; we provided a basic system allowing the client to easily update content and product details, as well as search optimisation tags. Includes contact forms and a heat calculator.


Link Directory Cms

Content management system with webpages, links, categories and advertising placement built for

Basic Starter Content Management System

Having a basic starter content management system will give you huge benefits in productivity levels if you are currently working with html.

With a content management system you will be able to login to an administration area and edit the content of your website, you'll be able to add new content and new pages, delete existing content, add images, video, animation, change how content is displayed.

Starting with a basic system is less expensive and less complicated than beginning with a more advanced system which may include additional modules such as email list management, search, calculators, product data, order forms etc.

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